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My name is Pravin Chaudhari and does blogging on “ okpravin.com “  I tell about the net worth of the cricketer on my site, how much money the player earns, and from where I write all this information on my site. I know that there are many such websites, which write all this information, but on my site, I want to give you the correct information in the right language, such a language that you can understand.

Everyone is going to meet on the blog. I already know about cricket. Earlier I did not know that all this can be done online, later I came to know on YouTube that I can share this knowledge on the internet. So I created my site and started blogging about cricketers. Like if you like my blog then I will bring different content on my website like Bollywood Net Worth, Celebrity Lifestyle, Love Stories, etc.

In this way, you are going to get a lot of information on our site. I will try to give you a piece of good information and you can get your knowledge. about the net worth of the cricketer on my site, how much money the player earns, and from where he earns, I write all the information on my site.

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My name is Pravin Chaudhari. I am from Palaskheda, a small village in Dist. Jalgaon Ta. Bhadgaon, Maharashtra. That’s my qualification { T.Y.B.A.}  I have been away from my parents since childhood, there was no money for food in our house, so my parents moved to Surat city of Gujarat to work and you must know that studying in Gujarat It is in Gujarati and I was from Maharashtra, so I did not know Gujarati. That’s why I was sent to my father’s sister for studies. I have been living away from my parents for 25 years. Now I live with my parents. I am happy that now I live with my parents.

Since childhood, I like to know about others. I love to play cricket, apart from this I also like to play football and chess. Earlier I did not know anything about the internet, what is the internet, and how to use the internet. But now I have become an expert in running and using the Internet. So I created my website and started blogging.

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