Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2024

Ishan Kishan Net Worth
Ishan Kishan Net Worth

Net Worth

$8 Million

Net Worth in Indian Rupees

Rs. 60 Crore
Monthly Salary

Rs. 1.25 Crore +


Wicket Keeper ( Batsman )

Date of Birth

18 July 1998

26 years on

Place of Birth

Patna, India



60 Kg

168  cm (5 ft 6 in)


Bhumihar Brahmin





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Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2024

Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2023
Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2024
Name Ishan Kishan
Net Worth (2023) $8 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 60 Crore
Daily Income Rs. 4 Lakh +
Monthly Income Rs. 1.25 Crore +
Yearly Income Rs. 6 Crore +
IPL Income Rs. 56 Crore +
Last Updated 2024


How Ishan Kishan Net Worth Grows Every Year

After researching Ishan Kishan Net Worth in 2023, you know how Ishan Kishan Net Worth has grown every year, which we are going to give you below. The increase in Ishaan’s net worth in Indian Rupees started in 2019, but this net worth has increased not because of joining the Indian team but because of playing in the IPL. Because he bats fast.

Ishan Kishan is a wicketkeeper and a batsman, if his net worth is so strong then you cannot even guess what the MS Dhoni Net Worth can be, both are wicketkeepers and batsmen.

  • Estimated Net Worth in 2019 –   14 Crore  INR
  • Estimated Net Worth in 2020 –   20 Crore  INR
  • Estimated Net Worth in 2021 –   30 Crore  INR
  • Estimated Net Worth in 2022 –   45 Crore  INR
  • Estimated Net Worth in 2023 –  60 Crore  INR

Ishan Kishan IPL Salary 2016 to 2023

2023 Mumbai Indians Rs. 152,500,000
2022 Mumbai Indians Rs. 152,500,000
2021 Mumbai Indians Rs. 62,000,000
2020 Mumbai Indians Rs. 62,000,000
2019 Mumbai Indians Rs. 62,000,000
2018 Mumbai Indians Rs. 62,000,000
2017 Gujarat Lions Rs. 3,500,000
2016 Gujarat Lions Rs. 3,500,000
Total Rs. 560,000,000


Ishan Kishan Car Collection

Ishan Kishan net worth in Indian Rupees 60 Crore. We are proud of what he has achieved at such a young age. Ishaan Kishan has a lot of fun in his life because he loves cars in his life which he got at a young age. Ishan Kishan has a collection of BMW 5, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford Mustang which is worth Rs 75 crore in Indian Rupees.

Dependency on Mr. Ishan Kishan Net Worth

Ishan Kishan’s popularity has increased in the last few years because of his good batting. This has happened because of the way IPL performance got him a place in the Indian team and made his life better which is visible from his Net Worth.

You know that recently Ishan Kishan made the record of scoring 200 runs in an ODI. Since then, Ishan Kishan’s net worth has increased a lot, let us hope that Ishan Kishan continues to play like this and increase his net worth.

Ishan Kishan Brand Endorsements

You must be aware that when a player becomes famous, he takes crores of rupees to promote the advertisements of big companies, the same happened with Ishan Kishan.

Then Ishaan Kishan kept getting offer after offers and Ishaan Kishan kept taking crores of rupees for the promotion of his advertisements and Ishaan Kishan Net Worth also increased further. Below we have given the names of some such companies that pay fees worth crores of rupees to Ishan Kishan to promote their advertisements.

  • Boat:
  • Dream 11:
  • Birla Cement:
  • My11Circle:
  • Puma:
  • EUM:
  • MPL:
  • Blitzpool:
  • Oppo India:
  • Reserve Bank of India:

About Mr. Ishan Kishan

Ishaan Kishan's family

Ishan Kishan was born on 18 July 1998 in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Ishaan Kishan’s father Pranav Pandey is a builder. Ishan Kishan has been fond of cricket since childhood.

When Ishan Kishan was young, he used to go to the cricket ground on the pretext of school and started playing cricket there, but Ishan Kishan’s brother Raj Kishan knew all this because Ishan Kishan loved cricket very much.

He got support from his brother only and Ishan Kishan was also asked by his brother to play cricket. That is why today Ishan Kishan is the star batsman of the Indian team.

  • Relationship:      Name
  • Father:                Pranav Kumar Pandey
  • Mother:              Suchitra Singh
  • Brother:              Raj Kishan

Ishan Kishan Cricket Career

We have completely learned about Ishan Kishan Net Worth in the above paragraph, and now we will know about Ishan Kishan’s cricket career.

Ishan Kishan was fond of playing cricket since childhood, but the one who supported Ishan Kishan the most in cricket was his brother Raj Kishan, who supported him at every step. Ishan Kishan used to go to play cricket on the pretext of school, although his parents did not know but his brother Raj Kishan knew everything.

Ishan Kishan was born on 18 July 1998 in Patna, the capital of Bihar. His cricket career started with domestic cricket.

Ishan Kishan was also the captain of the 2016 ICC Under-19 Cricket and he led the Indian team to the final but they had to face defeat against West Indies in the final. But his batting was worth watching. Let us tell you that Ishan Kishan is also a wicketkeeper.

Ishan Kishan used to bat brilliantly in domestic cricket, due to which he got recognition and a place in IPL cricket, which was bought by Gujarat Lions in 2018 for Rs 3.5 lakh.

Since then, Ishan Kishan continued to perform well in the IPL and played for Gujarat Lions for two years. And now he has been associated with Mumbai Indians for 6 years.

Based on his good performance in IPL, Ishan Kishan got a place in the Indian team and then he never looked back. Recently, Ishan Kishan made a world record of 200 runs in an innings against Bangladesh on 10 December 2022, which is at a young age. Later, due to his good batting in ODI cricket, he got a place in Test cricket.

Ishan Kishan has become a reliable batsman of the Indian team, the example of which he recently showed against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, when the top batsman of the Indian team was out early, then Ishan Kishan and Hardik Pandya took over the innings.

Ishan Kishan has also got a chance in the ODI World Cup to be played in India in October, which is a good thing.

Ishan Kishan International Debut Match

Format Team Venue Date
T-20 England Ahmedabad 14 March 2021
ODI Sri Lanka Colombo 18 July 2021
Test West Indies Roseau 12-14 July 2023


Best Friend of Ishan Kishan

Shubman Gill:  The friendship between Ishan Kishan and Shubhman Gill is very good. Whenever India wins, their celebration is worth watching. Recently, both of them had made a world record of scoring 200 runs in ODI cricket.

Mohammed Siraj:  The friendship of Ishan Kishan and Mohammed Siraj is worth watching. Both are young but there is a lot of fun on the cricket field and in the dressing room. Recently, Mohammed Siraj has achieved the record of creating a world record by taking 6 wickets for 21 runs and 4 wickets in an over against Sri Lanka in the final of the AISA Cup 2023.

MS Dhoni:  No one is big or small in friendship because Ishan Kishan is also friends with MS Dhoni, who is an example. Dhoni is a wicketkeeper. Whenever Ishan Kishan faces a problem as a wicketkeeper, he takes advice from MS Dhoni, which we have seen in the IPL.

FAQs About Ishan Kishan

  1. What is the net worth of Ishan Kishan?

Answer:   Ishan Kishan’s net worth in Indian rupees is Rs 60 crores.

  1. What was Ishan Kishan’s net worth in 2022?

Answer:   Ishan Kishan’s net worth in 2022 is Rs. 45 Crore INR

  1. When did Ishan Kishan debut?

Answer:   14 March 2021 against England

  1. Recently, against whom did Ishan Kishan score 200 runs in ODI?

Answer:   10 December 2022 Against Bangladesh

  1. Ishan Kishan is associated with which team in IPL

Answer:   Mumbai Indians


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