Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth 2024

Mr. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth
Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth
Name Ravindra Jadeja
Nike Name Rockstar
Funny Name Jaddu
Wife Name Rivaba Jadeja
Daughter Name Nidhyana Jadeja
Date of Birth 6 December 1988
Place of Birth Navagam, Jamnagar (Gujarat)
Wedding Date 17 April 2016
Gender Male
Height 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Net Worth $15 Million
Net Worth in Indians Rupees Rs. 115 Crore
Monthly Income Rs. 1.5 Crore +
Profession Cricketer
Nationality Indian

Hello friends, today we will learn about our favorite Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth of $15 Million Which is 155 Crores According to Indians. It is also important for you to know how Ravindra Jadeja has earned such a huge net worth because the way Ravindra Jadeja has performed is commendable. Ravindra Jadeja is an all-rounder Indian cricketer known for his batting, bowling, and fielding.

He was born on 6 December 1988 in Navagam, Jamnagar City Gujarat, India. If he performs well in all three departments of cricket, then you should get the information about Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth, about which we have written in full detail in this article.

Ravindra Jadeja International Debut Match

Format Team Venue Date
T-20 Sri Lanka Colombo 10 February 2009
ODI Sri Lanka Colombo 8 February 2009
Test England Nagpur 13 – 17  December 2012

 Ravidra Jadeja Net Worth

Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth
Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth 2023

Now we have got the information about Ravindra Jadeja’s biography and with whom he made his debut in cricket, from which ground, we have explained all this in detail above. Now we will get the information about Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth and we have written the information of Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth in such a way that you can easily read and you will also like it. Let’s take a look at Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth below.

Name Ravindra Jadeja
Profession Cricketer
Daily Earnings Rs. 5  Lakh +
Monthly Earnings Rs. 1.5 Crore +
Yearly Earnings Rs. 18  Crore +
IPL  Earnings Rs 109  Crore +  ( In 15 Years )
Other Income Rs. 1 Crore
Net Worth (2023) $15 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs.  115 Crore +
Last Updated 2023


Study: Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth in Indian Rupees 2024

Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth is 115 million which according to India is 115 crores. We all want to know that apart from cricket, Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth also comes from advertisements and I want to tell you that his wife also helps in Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth.

Ravindra Jadeja’s wife has contested and won elections on behalf of the BJP, so you know how much money you get after becoming a leader. So you can guess how much can be Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth. We have also written the story of Ravindra Jadeja’s wife contesting elections in this article, which you can see below, I have written in such a way that you can read and understand easily. The way we know about Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth, in the same way, you can also get information about KL Rahul Net Worth.

Ravindra Jadeja IPL Income – 2008 to 2023

2023 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 16 crores
2022 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 16 crores
2021 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 7 crores
2020 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 7 crores
2019 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 7 crores
2018 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 7 crores
2017 Gujarat Lions Rs. 9.5 crores
2016 Gujarat Lions Rs. 5.5 crores
2015 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 5.5 crores
2014 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 5.5 crores
2013 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 9.2 crores
2012 Chennai Super Kings Rs. 9.2 crores
2011 Kochi Tuskers Kerala Rs. 4.3 crores
2009 Rajasthan Royals RS. 12 lakhs
2008 Rajasthan Royals RS. 12 lakhs


Ravindra Jadeja Funny Moment

Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth 2024

Ravindra Jadeja’s Cricketing Career

Ravindra Jadeja is from a Rajput family, Jadeja has been hardworking since childhood and we can still see that hard work in cricket. Ravindra Jadeja started cricket from Jamnagar itself where he performed cricket at an early age.

As Ravindra Jadeja grew up, he did well in cricket. He attracted the attention of the selectors by performing brilliantly in the Ranji Trophy. Because of this, he got a place in the Indian cricket team. Ravindra Jadeja has scored 300, 3 times in Ranji Trophy which is a big deal as Ravindra Jadeja was a left-arm bowler.

Jadeja’s unique skillset as an all-rounder makes him a different player. His ability to contribute with the trio of bat, ball, and fielding has contributed immensely to the Indian team.

His fitness is very good, he puts full emphasis on all three departments to contribute to the Indian team. Ravindra Jadeja has paid a lot of attention to his fitness in a few days.

Ravindra Jadeja was not only an expert in bowling but now he also bats like a batsman, we have proved this in a few days. The way he bats, the day is not far when we will compare him with Kapil Dev. But right now Ravindra Jadeja is playing very well.

A true representation of grit, talent, and persistence, Ravindra Jadeja is the epitome of a genius. His success in cricket is an example of how hard work can change one’s fortunes as Ravindra Jadeja has done. Ravindra Jadeja’s path continues to inspire and show all of us that no work is impossible if we work hard and with dedication. This is the reason that Ravindra Jadeja’s Net Worth is 15 million. That’s why Ravindra Jadeja is at a different stage today which we can see.

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife’s Election Story

Rivaba Jadeja was born on 5 September 1990 in Gujarat. Rivaba Jadeja studied Mechanical Engineering at Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot. Rivaba Jadeja and Ravindra Jadeja got married on 17 April 2016.

Rivaba Jadeja was already worried about becoming a leader and she believed that I could do something for my country, then she talked to Ravindra Jadeja that I wanted to go into politics, then Ravindra Jadeja said that I could play cricket in India. I am making India proud, in the same way, you should also make India proud.

Rivaba Jadeja in 2019, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. In 2022, the BJP made him its candidate for the Jamnagar assembly seat. Rivaba Jadeja also won a big victory in the election, it will be interesting to see that on one hand Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth and Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba Jadeja’s net worth earned in politics, we do not know. But one thing is known at present Ravindra Jadeja’s Net Worth is 15 million which we have read in this article.

Ravidra Jadeja Social Media Profile

Facebook 1.1  Crore+  Followers Click Here
Twitter 50.9  Lakh +  Followers Click Here
Instagram 71  Lakh +  Followers Click Here

Best Friend of Ravindra Jadeja

MS Dhoni:- How can forget the friendship of MS Dhoni and Jadeja which I have not seen such friendship till now? Ravindra Jadeja’s cricket career has been heavily influenced by MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni has a huge contribution to Ravindra Jadeja’s cricket life.

Ishant Sharma:-  Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja are the best in the Indian cricket team. Both joke a lot with each other.

Virat Kohli:- There is a very good relationship between Ravindra Jadeja and the former captain of the Indian cricket team, King Kohli.

Suresh Raina:-  Raina and Jadeja have been close friends for a long time. Both of them have played for the Indian team and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL, but Suresh Raina has just retired from cricket and does not play in IPL either, that friendship is very good.

Cheteshwar Pujara:-  There is a close relationship between Ravindra Jadeja and Cheteshwar Pujara. He has made a huge contribution to the Indian national cricket team as well as a good conversationalist which is visible in both.


  1. What is Ravindra Jadeja’s Net Worth?

Ans:-  According to India, Ravindra Jadeja’s Net Worth is 115 crores.

  1. What is Ravindra Jadeja’s father’s name?

Ans:-  Anirudhsinh Jadeja

  1. How many Instagram followers does Ravindra Jadeja have in 2023?

Ans:-  71 lakh by August 2023

  1. When did Ravindra Jadeja get married?

Ans:-  17 April 2016

  1. What is the full name of Ravindra Jadeja?

Ans:-  Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja


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