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Yusuf Pathan Net Worth

We are going to tell in detail about Yusuf Pathan Net Worth of 30 million dollars i.e. 220 crores, If you follow Yusuf Pathan then read this article completely. Yusuf Pathan is a former Indian cricketer who became famous as an all-rounder. Yusuf Pathan was born on 17 November 1982 in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Yusuf Pathan is the elder brother of Irfan Pathan who was a brilliant all-rounder. Before we read about Yusuf Pathan Net Worth, we need to know a little background about him.

 Name  Yusuf Pathan
 Date of Birth  17 November 1982
 Age  40 years on
 Place of Birth  Vadodara, Gujrat
 Wedding Date  27 March 2013
 Gender  Male
 Weight:  88 Kg
 Height  185  cm (6 ft 1 in)
 Net Worth  $30 Million
 Net Worth in Indians Rupees  220 Crore INR
 Monthly Salary  Rs. 2 Crore
 Profession  Cricketer
 Nationality  Indian

Yusuf Pathan’s Family Members

 Father Name  Mehmood Khan Pathan
 Mother Name  Samimbanu Pathan
 Wife Name  Afreen Khan
 1st  Son Name  Ayaan
 2nd Son Name  Riyaan
 Brother Name  Irfan Pathan
 Sister Name  Shagufta Pathan


Yusuf Pathan International Debut Match

 Format  Team  Venue  Date
 T-20  Pakistan  Johannesburg  24 September 2007
 ODI  Pakistan  Mirpur  10 June 2008

Yusuf Pathan International Last Match

 Format  Team  Venue  Date
 T-20  South Africa  Johannesburg  30 March 2012
 ODI  Pakistan  Mirpur  18 March 2012


Yusuf Pathan Net Worth 2024

You guys have come to know about Yusuf Pathan and his family members, so now the time has come to know about Yusuf Pathan Net Worth which is $30 million which is Rs 220 crores as per India. Where does such a huge amount come from, his cricket career is over, then how is Yusuf Pathan Net Worth so much? I would like to tell you that brand value is more important in Yusuf Pathan’s Net Worth, he also promotes many brands, which increases his net worth.

Do you know that both Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan have played for the Indian team and Irfan Pathan’s career was longer than Yusuf Pathan’s, Yusuf Pathan Net Worth is more than Irfan Pathan Net Worth? This is the reason That Yusuf Pathan has emerged as a player in IPL. Great player of IPL and for this he used to charge the full amount from IPL.

View Study: Yusuf Pathan Net Worth

 Name  Yusuf Pathan
 Net Worth (2023)  $30 Million
 Net Worth In Indian Rupees  Rs. 220 Crore
 Daily Income  Rs. 6.5 Lakh +
 Monthly Income  Rs. 2 Crore
 Yearly Income  Rs. 20 Crore +
 IPL Income  Rs. 37.81 Crore +
 Last Updated  2023


Yusuf Pathan IPL Salary:  2008 to 2018

 2018  Sunrisers Hyderabad  ₹ 1.9  Crore +
 2017  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 3.25  Crore +
 2016  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 3.25  Crore +
 2015  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 3.25  Crore +
 2014  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 3.25  Crore +
 2013  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 3.25  Crore +
 2012  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 2.1 Crore +
 2011  Kolkata Knight Riders  ₹ 9.66  Crore +
 2010  Rajasthan Royals  ₹ 3.9  Crore +
 2009  Rajasthan Royals  ₹ 2.1  Crore +
 2008  Rajasthan Royals  ₹ 1.9  Crore +
 Total  ₹ 37,81,00,000


Average Pay and Earnings

 Fee for Brand Endorsement  Rs. 1 Crore
 Luxury Cars  Rs. 1.5  Crore
 Remuneration from BCCI  Rs. 2  Crore
 Annual Income  Rs. 20 Crore
 IPL Income  Rs. 37 Crore
 Accurate Net Worth  Rs. 220 Crore
 Last Updated  2023


Yusuf Pathan’s Cricket Career

As we got to know about Yusuf Pathan’s Net Worth, similarly we will get to know about his cricketing career as well. Yusuf Pathan was a former Indian cricketer known for his fast batting and spin bowling. Yusuf Pathan’s brother Irfan Pathan was also a famous cricketer.

Yusuf Pathan began his career in domestic cricket, making his debut for Baroda in the 2001–2002 season. His performances in domestic cricket earned him a chance to play in the ICC T20 World Cup against Pakistan and in his very first international match he hit Mohammad Asif for a six in the first over to prove that India can secure a place in T20 matches. Above. And India also won the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup which was historic.

Yusuf Pathan was also a good off-spin bowler, which he also benefited from as the Indian team already lacked an all-rounder, which Yusuf Pathan had to fill, which he did. Yusuf Pathan has achieved a great deal in helping Team India win because whenever India needed to play with more strikes, Yusuf Pathan was given this role and he played it very well and helped India to take wickets. helped. Yusuf Pathan also used to do this feat which made him feel like a heater for India.

Talking about IPL, his performance in Team India proved that this player is something different from Rajasthan Royals by bidding 1.9 crores in 2008 and Yusuf Pathan also proved it right when Rajasthan Royals won the IPL title in 2008. had won the first win.

There are ups and downs in the life of all players, The same happened with Yusuf Pathan, when runs stopped coming from his bat, he thought that some other batsman should get a chance, and finally, Yusuf Pathan decided to retire from cricket in February. Announced when he announced his retirement from the format of cricket on 26 February 2021 but did not stop playing cricket, Yusuf Pathan is associated with T-10 and doing well.

Yusuf Pathan’s Cricket Record


Batting Record:

Test Matches:  Yusuf Pathan played 22 Test matches for India. He scored 960 runs at an average of almost 29. He also registered a century and six half-centuries in Tests.

One Day Internationals Matches:  In the ODI format, Yusuf Pathan played 120 matches, scoring 2,703 runs at an average of around 27.

T-20  Matches:  Yusuf Pathan represented India in 24 T20Is, scoring 236 runs.

Bowling Records:

Test Matches:  Yusuf Pathan was also an off-spinner. He took 46 wickets in Test matches at an average of 39.

One Day Internationals Matches:  He has also taken 33 wickets in ODIs at an average of around 36.

T-20  Matches:  In T20Is he took 13 wickets at an average of around 28.

Best Friend of Yusuf Pathan

Irfan Pathan:  Yusuf Pathan’s younger brother Irfan Pathan is not only his brother but also his close friend. Both brothers have played cricket together for India.

MS Dhoni:  Yusuf Pathan and MS Dhoni had a good relationship while playing for the Indian cricket team. They were teammates and were often seen supporting each other on and off the field.

Suresh Raina:  Suresh Raina, another fellow cricketer and fellow player of Yusuf Pathan in the Indian cricket team, has good friendly relations with him.

Harbhajan Singh:  Yusuf Pathan and Harbhajan Singh, both prominent players of Indian cricket, were associated as friends and teammates as well. They have shared a dressing room.

Robin Uthappa:  Yusuf Pathan and Robin Uthappa, though not as famous as some of the others on this list, were often seen together when they played in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Still, their friendship has been good.


FAQs About Yusuf Pathan

  1. What is Yusuf Pathan Net Worth?

Ans:-  Yusuf Pathan’s net worth is Rs 220 crores.

  1. What is the name of Yusuf Pathan’s child?

Ans:-  Ayaan, Riyaan

  1. When was the international debut of Yusuf Pathan?

Ans:-  24 September 2007

  1. How much does Yusuf Pathan earn per day?

Ans:-  Rupee. 6.5 lakh

  1. With which team was Yusuf Pathan associated in the 2008 IPL?

Ans:-  Sunrise Hyderabad


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