Kane Williamson Net Worth 2024

Kane Williamson Net Worth

Kane Williamson Net Worth
Kane Williamson Net Worth
Name Kane Williamson
Net Worth $11 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 91 Crore INR
Daily Income Rs. 2.2  Lakh
Monthly Income Rs. 66 Lakh +
Yearly Income Rs. 7.9 Crore +
IPL Income Rs. 29 Crore +
Last Updated 2024

Hello friends, today in this article we are going to get information about New Zealand’s most famous cricketer Kane Williamson Net Worth.

Kane Williamson was born on 8 August 1990 in Tauranga which is in New Zealand. Kane Williamson Net Worth is $11 Million which is considered to be 91 Crore in Indian Rupees.

In this article, you will get information about Kane Williamson’s weight, height, age, and life.

Kane Williamson made his national cricket debut for New Zealand against India on 10 August 2010. Kane Williamson has been one of the great players. Kane Williamson also plays in the IPL league in India.

Kane Williamson Net Worth Grows

  • Net worth in 2019   –  Rs. 59 Crore INR
  • Net worth in 2020   –  Rs. 66 Crore INR     
  • Net worth in 2021   –  Rs. 74 Crore INR
  • Net worth in 2022   –  Rs. 82 Crore INR
  • Net worth in 2023   –  Rs. 90 Crore INR

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Kane Williamson IPL Salary 2015 to 2023

2023 Gujarat Titans Rs. 2 Crore INR
2022 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 14 Crore INR
2021 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 3 Crore INR
2020 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 3 Crore INR
2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 3 Crore INR
2018 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 3 Crore INR
2017 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 60 Lakh INR
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 60 Lakh INR
2015 Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs. 60 Lakh INR
Total Rs. 29.80 Crore INR


Kane Williamson Assets

House:  Kane Williamson has a very nice house in Tauranga city of New Zealand. Apart from this, he also owns real estate properties across the country.

Car:  Kane Williamson owns a Mercedes SUV. And there are some very nice cars too.

Dependency of Kane Williamson

New Zealand’s Kane Williamson is one of the best players and his fan following is also very strong. That is why Kane Williamson Net Worth is very big.

Kane Williamson has also invested in several real estate properties. Those who are fans of Kane Williamson should hope that his net worth continues to grow.

Kane Williamson Brand Endorsements

  • IPL Income                         –  Rs. 29 Crore +
  • Luxury Cars                        –  $2,00,000
  • Annual Income                  –  $1 Million
  • Estimated Net worth         –  Rs. 90 Crore
  • Brand endorsement fee    –  $1,00,000

About Mr. Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson About
Name Kane Williamson
Monthly Salary Rs. 66 Lakh INR
Marital Status Marriage
Wife Name Sarah Raheem
Role Batsman
Date of Birth 08 August 1990
Age 34 years on
Place of Birth Tauranga
Gender Male
Weight 65 kg.
Height 173 cm (5 ft. 8 inch)
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Light Blue
Social Media Instagram
Religion Christian
Profession Cricket
Nationality New Zealand


The Family of Kane Williamson

  • Relationship   –   Name
  • Father            –   Brett Williamson
  • Mother          –   Sandra Williamson
  • Wife              –   Sarah Raheem
  • Daughter      –   Maggie
  • Brother         –  Logan
  • Sister 1         –  Anna
  • Sister 2         –  Sophie
  • Sister 3         –  Kylie

Cricket Career:

Kane Williamson is one of the famous cricketers of New Zealand. He was born on August 8, 1990, in Tauranga city of New Zealand. Kane Williamson is a player with a calm demeanor.

Kane Williamson made his debut for the New Zealand national cricket team at a young age when he was 20 years old.

He made his debut in the ODI match which was played against India on 10 August 2010. His technique was so good that he quickly got a place in the Test team.

Kane Williamson currently ranks No. 1 in Test rankings in August 2023. But it is. This shows that this batsman is in very good foam. He is always compared with Virat Kohli, Steven Smith, and Joe Root. All these four batsmen are considered to be very good batsmen in recent cricket.

In the ICC World Cup played in 2019, the team under the captaincy of Kane Williamson reached the finals, but they had to face defeat against England. His team had performed very well and reached the finals.

Recently, in the ICC World Cup being played in India in 2023, the team is giving very good performances under the captaincy of Kane Williamson.

Kane Williamson has also been honored with many cricket awards. Was awarded the International Cricket Council (ICC) award in 2015.

Kane Williamson has also got a chance in the IPL played in India, he was bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2015 for Rs 60 lakhs and recently in 2023, Gujarat Titans bought him for Rs 2 crores.

A large part of Kane Williamson net worth also comes from IPL. Talking about his earnings in IPL, Kane Williamson has earned approximately Rs 30 crores from IPL.

International Debut Match:

Format Team Venue Date
T-20 Zimbabwe Harare 15.10.2011
ODI India Dambulla 10.08.2010
Test India Ahmedabad 04.11.2010



  • 2015:  –  Bayles Real Estate Sportsman of the Year
  • 2015:  –  International Cricket Council
  • 2016:  –  Wisden Cricketer of the Year

Best Friend’s Kane Williamson

Trent Boult:   Kane Williamson and Trent Boult are very good friends who always respect each other. And both good players are also from New Zealand.

Rashid Khan:   Kane Williamson and Rashid Khan are also good friends. Both currently play for Gujarat Titans in the IPL. Both have also played for Sunrisers Hyderabad and since then they have a deep friendship.

Shubman Gill:   Kane Williamson and Shubman Gill are also good friends. Play together for Gujarat Titans in IPL.

David Warner:   A good friendship is also seen between Kane Williamson and David Warner, who both played with Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. Both are also good players in their country.

Virat Kohli:   Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli also live like good friends. Whenever there is a cricket match between India and New Zealand, we get to see their friendship inside the ground. Both are among the best players in their country.

FAQs About Kane Williamson

  1. What is the name of Kane Williamson’s wife?

Answer. Sara Rahim

  1. Where is Kane Williamson’s team playing in the World Cup 2023?

Answer. In India

  1. How much is Kane Williamson net worth in 2023?

Answer. Kane Williamson net worth in 2023 was $11 Million

  1. Against which team were Kane Williamson’s first test centuries?

Answer. It was against India in 2010.

  1. What is Kane Williamson net worth in Indian Rupees?

Answer. Kane Williamson net worth in Indian Rupees is Rs. 91 Crore.


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